viernes, octubre 23, 2009

¿Is life a game like a Matrix that we have to play?

Very interesting question.

These are thoughts on a possible and particular point of view without having to be a dogma or absolute truth, is just a series of written thoughts.

Is very clear that we are in a game.

The big fish eats the small one because he can. It is a natural law, the primary animal biological instinct for survival, indicates that the end justifies the means. To some extent that is the reality we live. What happens is that this law is based under the terms or the point o view of the individual, thinking in the egoist profit not taken consider the needs of the others.

When we realize we are all one, there are other purposes.

The primary purposes of survival thinking selfishly assault the environment for their own benefit regardless of cost.

When through the pain and experience our heart is tanned, we become sensitive. With this sensitivity we can see other possibilities and we act in a less aggressive form.

There is duality in this planet, all to differentiate the nuances, love-hatred, light-darkness, fear-confidence, sadism and tenderness. When we learn through pain in the rest of us, realize that something is wrong. We do not want more pain of others because we ourselves harm. The first step is to realize that something is wrong. The second is to decide we need a change but do not know how to do. The third is to make the determination by this change although the road we take is a mystery. The fourth is walk that path despite the obstacles they encounter.

The magic comes when one begins to walk and certain things happen that we are opening up to new possibilities and paths. (And I said unexplored trails because they are litle transited)

When you start thinking feeling and knowing that we are all One, Our goals are no longer personal but there is only one ingredient. We realize that if you act like a jerk because you do not act surprised that others like it is the reflex and the world that are building your example to all.

When you trip on your way and see your own misery, and someone down the fumes or your ego, remember that something has to purify and refine and learn. You know a primary school child can not require higher level math because they understand.
There was also the time when we did not know this or that and others did or not patient with us. Therefore the acceptance of reality and the level of others is something we are learning to respect and that is a process and not be forced and break free will.

The rules of the game are not going to demand more than you can give.

There are pacts and commitments, there is very dense energy, and ways of acting and thinking that they have formed a mold which is difficult to break. It is not possible to fight and go against a whole, or against to a collective barbarism that slows us down, discouraged and wears us down. The confronting weakens us, the key is to plant seeds, discovering new flowers, and open the minds and hearts to new sights.

The end justifies the means YES, absolutely, ahh, but only if that means do not contradict a higher purpose.

If to win x money I have to kill and steal is understandable, but only if I only considered myself separate from all, in the world of hate where nobody gives anything for nothing and where there I not an spiritual world and there's no consequences.

A religious zealot will do certain things because its higher end is going to heaven, and therefore the hi will never use any media to be above or contradict the higher end, and to achieve the goals hi will limited by that premise.

If the person learns and evolves in consciousness, their actions will be guided by love. Our ignorance coupled with our ability to love is the limit of our freedom.

Eventually we learn that like a glass breaks when hitting the ground because it is normal, a murderer is only what could be, served by certain thoughts and emotions and imbalances that led him to do that. It is natural that things are as they should be and not as we wish they were. It's all about experience level and evolution.

You have to differentiate persons who do not believe in anything supernatural or spiritual those with other beliefs.

To the first, to advocate a rational, scientific mind, contributing ideas where it is shown that reap what we sow and we can not continue this path of destruction and violence. The spiritual values are personal and can not mess with funnel.

The spiritual people are those who work for the love and growth of consciousness, or work by pure self-interest and have their egos inflated by the power and strength that accumulate feeling powerful.

Others are between A and B and are manipulated by religions or sects and are not clear at all, are lost.

There is a pure dark side, pure and simple, yes, but are beings of a certain Dimension who are here to accomplish a task and that are reflecting us our shit in our face. The demons are not all powerful or omnipotent, otherwise they would have already won.

Darkness does not exist, it's just lack of light. It's just one level. For a professor in mathematics a person that barely know how to add and subtract, should be an idiot and we can compare this like the level of spiritual or love love.
Well, I stop here for not make it to long.

Much Love, Light and peace for all.

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