domingo, enero 23, 2011

España y la venta de armas, gracias Zapatero.

Zapatero vendiendo "PAZ Y SEGURIDAD".

Seguridad para el NWO y su señorías y las élites corruptas y demoniacas de este sistema podrido. Y paz para que así estén tranquilos protegido por policia.


That was the question one gutsy Spaniard had for his Prime Minister -- live on Spanish Television recently.

Granada-based Rafael Lafuente Blanco was given the opportunity to ask his PM -- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero -- the question this past Monday, January 26th, 2009 -- live on TVE1 [Televisión Española 1].

The feisty Spaniard's direct and frank approach towards the Prime Minister, was largely hailed as the most controversial question of the TVE1 live-airing of their one-off show "Tengo una pregunta para usted" -- literally meaning -- "I have a question for you". A show that involved some 100 random Spaniards asking their PM the un-screened question of their choice -- Live-on-air.

The never-to-be-repeated question clearly caught PM Zapatero off-guard, leaving him often times struggling for words and visibly uncomfortable. The amount of arms sold to Israel as quoted by the PM -- in response to Rafael's question -- was the top story in all Spanish media the following day, owing to the fact that the amount stated by the PM was practically half the amount stated on official records. The Spanish Ministry for Industry released a press statement confirming the precise amounts that very day.

Whether Prime Minister Zapatero was trying to sidetrack the question, or he was trying to out-and-out divert it, remains a puzzle. Political relations between Spain and Israel became confusingly fraught in the ensuing days; which only serves to heighten the speculation...

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